Google Maps APK – Android App

With this APK you get “Google Maps” version 10.46.1 – executable on all devices with Android OS 5.0 and higher.

Google generally distributes the updates of its Android apps gradually, so that users are only gradually supplied. With our Beta APK you get the latest version now.

Google Maps turns 15: Google gives the app a mega update

For the birthday, the app is in a new guise. Instead of the previously known symbol, the “Google Maps” needle now simply shines in the colors of the web search. Overall, this makes the symbol simpler, but also significantly more modern. The app itself now offers five tabs with different functions, two more than before:

Explore: This tab should show all interesting places nearby. According to Google, all locations from restaurants to sights to places with live music can be found here. In addition, the evaluations of the more than 200 million locations can be found here.

Commuting: This tab is intended to ensure that users are on the fastest route from A to B. It’s not just about public transport, it’s also about traveling by car. In addition, users can configure their daily route to get information about faults at an early stage.

Saved: Here you will find the locations that users save so that they can be accessed later. Before, these were more difficult to find. Now a push of a button should be enough to view them.

Contribute: Users can use this tab to share local knowledge with others. It is about street names, addresses, missing places or the ratings of places including photos.

Updates: With the updates, users find places that have recently been particularly praised or frequented by others. Shops can also be contacted directly from here to answer questions.