Mix the music in the garage band

Even non-musicians can use Garageband to quickly create their own piece of music with multiple tracks, instruments, or their own ringtones. The mix then shows a lack of experience.

Please note that the following info was compiled using the Garageband Android app found here

If you use the “Magic Garageband” function, the panorama and track volume is set automatically, but if you compose music from Apple Loops, all the individual tracks are initially the same volume and set to the middle position. You have to lend a hand here.

A few basics help with mixing: The aim of a good mixdown (i.e. copying the individual tracks together into an audio file) is that the listener hears all instruments well and without effort. It should sound balanced, the bass should not be too intrusive, or a solo instrument should not go under. The overall impression is also improved by a spatial sound, using the panorama controls and placing the individual tracks and instruments slightly offset – but also not too widely scattered.

A good practice is to start with (synthetic or real) bass and drums and only control these two in such a way that they form a harmonious unit. Bass and drums are usually in the middle of the sound. Then there are supporting rhythm instruments, such as guitar, piano, and organ. These are placed slightly offset to the right or left in the panorama (each different). Vocals or lead instruments then in such a way that they appear prominent but not too intrusive. Further out in the stereo image and finally, there are instruments such as wind instruments or electronic sound effects, i.e. tracks that only occasionally accent the song. Via “Share> Song to iTunes”The export starts. You should not only hear the finished mix on your Mac speakers but also on your stereo, in the car or on good and less good headphones, because the mix sounds different everywhere. Mixing always means compromise – and is often a pain for perfectionists. If the mix sounds satisfactory overall on most speakers, a lot has been achieved.